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Sound Meters

Typical noise dose meters

A Pair of Noise Dose Meters

Sound waves are not mysterious or insubstantial, they can be measured. Sound measuring devices, more commonly called sound meters allow anyone to measure the intensity of the sound waves around them. A dose meter measures the accumulative exposure to sound. It works just like a radiation dose meter by counting up all amounts of sound that are higher than a Human ear's safe rating. These doses are then added together to get the total amount of dangerous sound that has attacked the wearer's ears. The devices pictured above were produced by Brüel & Kjær, a company in Denmark.

Dose meters like these are used by companies to see if they have a safe sound level in their employees work stations. Selected employees wear them for several days while they go about their normal activities. There are no visible readouts, so no one knows what levels are being recorded until the company safety official retrieves them from the selected worker. The results are then used to discover what work locations need corrective sound level effort to make them safe.

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